Moonside of a Seed

Collective drawing waterstories as part of the traveling residency ‘Ukiyo — The Water Way’.

Part of the traveling residency “Ukiyo—The Water way” together with Céline Pelcé.
April&May 2024, Japan.

Following the shinto perception of ‘reading’ nature, and the fact that the full moon is best to be seen indirect in the reflection of water, we shared with the visitors a tradition among monks; sake served in a very big lacquerware cup which could be used to look at the full moon. 

We hosted a momentum for the attendees (participants) where the impression of the full moon could be drawn; A textile floating horizontal in the common living area was pre-dyed with kakishibu (a coloring process that needs sunlight to become strongly fixated) and with brushes filled with iron-mordant, drawings of the full moon impression were added to the textile, and one prompt was given: create several drawing on the piece in order to come to a pattern. 

Around 12 people drew their impression of the full-moon reflection resulting in a common cohesive drawing, a textile pattern.