Body-Work-Wear-Ware & Afterseason

One of the collaborations done in the Afterseason project was with Lenn Cox.

Lenn Cox her curatorial nomadic practice ‘Collective Wandering’ explores self-organised learning-working-living environments. As part of her M.A. programme Practice Held in Commona she began to immerse herself in different self-organised communities and collectives in and around Europe. There were she visited, she took part of the daily life for a period of time, building up experiences along the way. This allowed her to have conversations with the various inhabitants and co-founders about the intention of their community and how it operates. Along the way she used her garments to note her experiences and insights: The BODY-WORK-WEAR-WARE collection.

During her stay at the artist residency, permaculture farm and animal sanctuary Sanctuary Slimane, she applied the Afterseason ink with a large brush, her urine, heat of the sun, clay and sand of the Moroccan desert as another layer to her Body-work-wear-ware clothing.