Made by Rain

Made by Rain is a textile register of rain fall at a specific location. The textiles form a collection of weather data: visual recordings of a drizzly day or even a monsoon, imprinted on textile. 

How to wear the weather?

With the prevalent rains in the Netherlands and its history of struggling with the elements, rain is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. The question what it would be like to capture the experience of rain fall on textile, so it becomes possible to ‘wear the weather’ informed the material research. For this an own technique is developed named ‘pluviagraphy’; photographic recordings of rain precipitation on textiles with a film coating that is sensitive to water. Each unique cloth is accompanied with its actual precipitation data of location, time and weather conditions.

Made by Rain is an ongoing investigation into effect of weather phenomenon on daily life and is a self initiated project. The process is documented in a book, responds to the increase in precipitation intensity due to climate change using collaborative projects in fashion as one of the messengers.


Scarf collection

Dutch rain is imprinted on 100% silk textiles at different locations like Amsterdam, The Hague, New York, Arita.
Each Made by Rain textile comes with a handmade notation of the location, date, time interval, millimeters of rain, and weather circumstances under which the pluviagraphy was done. This way, the textiles form a collection of weather data: visual recordings of a specific day in history.
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Research book made for the context of my textiles. This self-published book is a record of process, inspiration and research to results of the project Made by Rain. Browse book

Graphic design in collaboration with Lena Steinborn
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photography in line of order: Femke Hoekstra, Pim Leenen, Lonneke van der Palen, Aliki van der Kruijs