The ongoing project Kadans 2.0 in collaboration with Jos Klarenbeek got a new chapter. Kadans 2.0 examines how the motion of the sea can be a direct source for an ever changing weave pattern. We designed our own weaving software that supports the creating of a textile sea archive. This archive is now updated with a big tapestry that displays a timeline from a heavy storm last January.

Next Nature Network invited Kadans 2.0 to be part to be part of their show Nature Loves Technology in the Dutch Pavilion of the Floriade 2022, the international horticulture exhibition in Almere, NL. For this occasion we wove a big tapestry at the TextielLab in Tilburg, based on sea data from a heavy winter storm. This spatial work is part of a show highlighting how technological innovation collaborates with nature’s rich diversity, and evolutionary experience. In the bio based natural pavilion you can discover innovations from over 24 artists exploring this relationship.

The Floriade is daily open
14 April till 9 October 2022

More info about Kadans 2.0 can be found on