Two new works of Afterseason are part of the just opened exhibition To Dye For. The research Afterseason investigates the possibility of processing residual ink from the textile print industry into new raw materials, so that the chemical waste is limited. In my research I analysed various shades of black/purple, derived from for example, shellfish, sandalwood and residual ink. The deep purple, black colour of the waste stream could be part of the subset of black print inks. The two new works show the richness of this colour and can be seen as pamphlets to (re)introduce this ink as a usable material in the proces of printing on textile.

About the exhibition:
Discover the world of textile dyeing in the exhibition ‘To Dye For’: from the origin of dyes and the stories behind them to their impact on people and the environment. The exhibition To Dye For provides a glimpse of the beauty and dilemmas of colour in textiles. You can learn about the challenges that artisans, artists, designers and scientists have faced over the years as well as the creative solutions they have found.

To Dye For, Textielmuseum Tilburg
9 April till 2 October 2022