Customised weaving software


The Weaver is a software program designed for data-driven and non-repetitive weaving codes. It sprouts from the textile sea archive Kadans 2.0 in collaboration with Jos Klarenbeek.

Kadans 2.0 is an investigation into the potential of raw scientific data: textile production is combined with sciences including geography and mathematics, constructing a soft output of hard data generated by the motions of waves at sea.
In order to automate the process of translating open source data of Rijkswaterstaat into weavebindings, two softwares are developed together with RNDR.

The key to the custom Weaver software is its mapping function, a proprietary design: it’s a mechanism that has a set of values —open-source buoy data collected by an algorithm— as input and weaving code as output. Once sent to the chosen loom, this results in fabric with a defined look, yet with ever-changing nuances determined by sea behaviour. The first version, Weaver1, was developed for shaft weaving —and will be violable as open-source software in the future. Its follow-up, Weaver2, was conceived for jacquard weaving.