Sky Dial

Textile installation displaying colours of the sky — In collaboration with Jos Klarenbeek.

Sky Dial is a 60 meter curtain that wraps 360 degrees around a meeting room and can be seen as a clock. Twelve parts represents the colours of the sky on the days that the seasons change (21th march, 21 jun, 21 sep, 21 dec).

Inspired by the fact that ‘light weaves colour’, we looked at the angle and position of the sun and made a digital pointillistic system to build up the colours for the curtain. We programmed a calculation tool that balances CMYK tones that makes it possible to construct a particular colour by not using the colour itself. On micro level the colour is constructed from different colours. Its a tactile articulation of a natural phenomena.
Architects interior: Rademacher de Vries Location: office Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Rotterdam Photography: Roel van Tour