Float —Turn — Slide

Upholstery collection that explores two-and three-dimensional space through a grid motif. 

The VEER upholstery collection for New York based design company Wolf-Gordon is inspired by the patterns of a vintage kimono found at a market in Arita, Japan. For this commercial upholstery collection for Wolf-Gordon I explored two- and three-dimensional space through a deceptively simple grid motif, the origins of which started with the purchase of an antique kimono textile in Arita, Japan.

I first applied the graphic kimono grid to the volumes of porcelain vases, which resulted in distortions of the grid.  This process inspired to apply subtly manipulated grids to the development of Wolf-Gordon’s upholstery textiles, which, in turn, are applied to furniture volumes.  It is this dialectic process between 2-D and 3-D that yields new patterning and imparts richness in the collection’s three patterns: FLOAT, TURN and SLIDE.


The distinct colour palette of blues, reds, browns, olives and golds, as well as neutrals, is informed by Aliki’ s photography of weathered architectural materials in Arita, Japan.