Kadans 2.0

How can the motion of the sea be a direct source for an ever-changing weaving pattern.

Kadans, a textile sea archive in collaboration with Jos Klarenbeek, is a design research on how the motion of the sea can be a direct source for an ever-changing weaving pattern.

Kadans sprouts from a shared curiosity for invisible natural processes and using these as a source of information for the development of patterns and materials. It is an investigation into the potential of raw scientific data: textile production is combined with sciences including geography and mathematics, constructing a soft output of hard data generated by the motions of waves at sea.

Together with RNDR we developed a weaving software that enables us to import data about the condition of the sea that feeds the parameters set to create a weave pattern.

The work was presented as part of the exhibition Climate as Artifact by Satellietgroep.

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* Photo’s Johan Nieuwehuize

Made possible with the support of Stroom Den Haag, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL and Satellietgroep

Year: 2018-2020
Material: textile
Commission: Self initiated
Production: studio hand sampling / Lanificio Leo / Weavers Werkstatt