Kadans 2.0

How can the motion of the sea be a direct source for an ever-changing weaving pattern.

Kadans, a textile sea archive in collaboration with Jos Klarenbeek, is a design research on how the motion of the sea can be a direct source for an ever-changing weaving pattern.

Kadans sprouts from a shared curiosity for invisible natural processes and using these as a source of information for the development of patterns and materials. It is an investigation into the potential of raw scientific data: textile production is combined with sciences including geography and mathematics, constructing a soft output of hard data generated by the motions of waves at sea.

Together with RNDR we developed a weaving software that enables us to import data about the condition of the sea that feeds the parameters set to create a weave pattern.



Made possible with the support of Stroom Den Haag, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL and Satellietgroep

The work was first presented as part of the exhibition Climate as Artifact by Satellietgroep.

Year: 2018-2020
Material: textile
Commission: Self initiated
Production: studio hand sampling / Lanificio Leo / Weavers Werkstatt