The CurtainShow_AlikivanderKruijsThe Curtain Show 

A play of light sensitive textiles. The process of producing space.
Light sensitive textiles exposed to an UV installation.

For the OpZicht presentation at Stroom in The Hague I invited the architect Anne Dessing to start a dialogue about the spatial presentation of experiments with materials from my archive. Anne Dessing explores her discipline through a variety of media, to create space to think freely and give meaning to architecture as an applied art.

This conversation led to The Curtain Show, a performance by the materials Cotton, Wood, Calcium hexacyanoferrate (III), Ammonium iron (III) citrate, UV and Time, that will develop during the run of the exhibition.

The players are seven curtains that will be prepared with cyanotype, a light sensitive emulsion, and will be exposed to UV light. By draping the curtains in a different way, a variety of imprints will become visible. After the fixation process, the various drapes will form one curtain for the OpZicht podium.

Light installation with the guidance of Willem Marijs.