Made by Rain

How to wear the weather? Textile register of rain fall at a specific location. 

With the prevalent rains in the Netherlands and its history of struggling with the elements, rain is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. I questioned what it would be like to capture the experience of rain fall on textile, so it becomes possible to ‘wear the weather’. For this I developed my own technique ‘pluviagraphy’; photographic recordings of rain precipitation on textiles with a film coating that is sensitive to water.

The textiles form a collection of weather data: visual recordings of a drizzly day or even a monsoon, imprinted on textile. Each unique cloth is accompanied with its actual precipitation data of location, time and weather conditions.

The process is documented in a book, responds to the increase in precipitation intensity due to climate change using collaborative projects in fashion as one of the messengers. Made by Rain is an ongoing project.

Below a movie about the process, produced by Great Big Story and broadcasted on The Weather Channel


Scarf collection

Dutch rain is imprinted on 100% silk textiles at different locations like Amsterdam, The Hague, New York, Arita.
Each Made by Rain textile comes with a handmade notation of the location, date, time interval, millimeters of rain, and weather circumstances under which the pluviagraphy was done. This way, the textiles form a collection of weather data: visual recordings of a specific day in history.
Order at madebyrain.com or Thomas Eyck



Research book made for the context of my textiles. This self-published book is a record of process, inspiration and research to results of the project Made by Rain. Browse book

Graphic design in collaboration with Lena Steinborn
€35,00 >> order by sending an email to info@alikivanderkruijs.com


photography in line of order: Femke Hoekstra, Pim Leenen, Lonneke van der Palen, Aliki van der Kruijs