Think Like Clouds

Curtain commission for private home. Process based on Weer Blauw project.

The graphics on the curtains are based on pieces of the wardrobe of the house-owner that I traced. With ultramarine and green pigment the patterns are painted upon the cloth and exposed to the weather for some summer weeks in the garden of the house the commissioner grew up. From the exposed panels, a collection of curtains is made and results in a wardrobe in a state of becoming.

P1140631P1140476P1140379GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_1 GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_10IMG_4579 GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_11 GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_13 GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_14GordijnenGarderobe-AlikivanderKruijs_voor_JulesvandenLangenberg_15ThinkLikeClouds