A movie as weather-station. The vibrating circle is the magnification of the most middle pixel from a record of a cloud passing by.
This work is inspired on filters found in the Sphinx observatory of the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch at 3571 meters. As Jungfraujoch is far above most sources of air pollution, the High Altitude Research Station is particularly suitable for measuring the composition of the atmosphere.

Movie in collaboration with Viktoria Shydlouskaya.

Of particular interest is the concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Along with the values for about 100 gases that the Swiss research institution Empa began measuring in 1972, this new information makes it possible to gain more knowledge on air quality, sources of air pollutants and climate change. A machine pumps 72 m3 air in 24 hours trough a circle formed filter. The condition of the sky is measured. A colour arises.


FOCUS is part of part of the project Untitled (Jungfrau-Aletsch), a multimedia collection of works.In commission of the Zuiderzeemuseum as part of the exhibition ’10 Years Thomas Eyck’
Curator: Jules van den Langenberg