Textile objects with architectural qualities to distribute light more evenly through space.

6 cones, 1 carpet; textile objects with architectural qualities to distributes light more evenly through space.

After researching (artificial)light and the influence of daylight in the working environment I developed Daylit, a series of textile objects that distribute light more evenly through space.Equally versatile as the precious rays of the sun, each of these textile objects consist of a monolayer of microscopically pieces of glass. The print is drawn by hand with transparent ink to emphasise the retro-reflexive quality. Because of its rhythmic texture, the product will look unique from every angle, allowing the onlooker to bathe in a glow quite like sunlight.


Photo’s: Floor Knaapen for Dutch Invertuals

“Color reflectivity is valuable not only architecturally and aesthetically but also in terms of performance. The higher the reflectivity of a space the more evenly light is distributed trough it. Reflectivity apertures can improve the performance of a building’s system and also increases the occupants’ sense of well-being.”

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Aliki van der Kruijs, Daylit, 2016 © Taisuke Koyama

Photo: Taisuke Koyama

VHX_ Daylit 1 VHX_ Daylit 2 VHX_ Daylit 3

Microscopic view of the Daylit work (thanks to Koehorst in ‘t Veld).


Daylit_Alikigiphy (1)

Photo/Gif: Eleonore Gringnon