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Reflection on the Japanese katazome stencil-printing proces. The katazome master became a gardener, by coming to a proces using real ginkgo leaves creating a repetition without a repeat. 

Study trip to Japan to learn about the technique katazome and make a textile for a yukata.

Katazome (型染め) is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil.  At Mr. Noguchi I learned the skills of traditional katazome printing. In the last days we made our own yukuta fabric for which I used a contemporary approach to make an all over imprint of ginkgo leaves.

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AlikivanderKruijs_Amenomichi_6Japan fabric 6Japan fabric 5_AlikivanderKruijs
Thanks to Mr Noguchi and son, Bryan Whitehead, Hiro, Kim Dror, Dillon Perry and Minyi Leong for the super great time in Fujino and around.

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