Weathering Blue

A visual record of colour and seasonal change made tangible


The project  Weathering Blue (Weer Blauw) is a visual record of colour and seasonal change made tangible. The blue shirts on the clothesline changed over the course of months of hard blue to lighter blue. Commissioned by the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen I developed a collection of textiles in situ as part of the exhibition NIJVER|heden.


WeerBlauw_AlikivanderKruijsArthur Roeloffzen made a graphic translation of the blog that I kept during the 158 days of the residency. Visitors of the museum were asked to send in pictures of the clothesline on the dike. The temperature, wind direction and average rainfall per day is noted in the graphic lines.

CollectionAvdK_EsterGrassVergarda_WeerBlauw1AvdK_EsterGrassVergarda_WeerBlauw4WeerBlauw_EstervergeraGrass_1WeerBlauw_EstervergeraGrass_2Photography Ester Grass Vergera & Heleen Peeters